© ethnic photographer Anna Senik
Model: Amina Okueva

Amina Okueva is a Chechen, Muslim, public and political activist, representative of the Free Caucasus political and political organization in Ukraine. Amina was the wife of Adam Osmayev, who was imprisoned by the Yanukovych regime on charges of plotting to assassinate Putin. As a fighter for Chechnya free from Russian oppression, she was a personal enemy of Putin’s mongrel, Ramzan Kadyrov. As a surgeon, during the Maidan, as part of the Afghan Hundred helped the wounded on the front line. From the beginning of the Russian aggression, Amina defended Ukraine on the Eastern Front. She fought to protect Ukraine, and in the future dreamed of liberating Chechnya.
She died tragically on October 30, 2017 near Kyiv – she was killed by a sniper. The murder is still under investigation, but the main version is political revenge. Forever in our hearts. RIP